Laser Tattoo Removal Costs*

Tattoo SizeSingle SessionFour Session PackSix Session Pack
(buy 3 get 1 free)(buy 4 get 2 free)
2cm x 2cm$100$75 per session$66 per session
5cm x 5cm$220$165 per session$146 per session
7.5cm x 7.5cm$250$187 per session$166 per session
10cm x 5cm$300$225 per session$200 per session
10cm x 10cm$350$262 per session$233 per session
15cm x 10cm$400$300 per session$266 per session
20cm x 15cm$470$352 per session$313 per session
30cm x 20cm$600$450 per session$400 per session
Larger than 20cm x 20cmCustomCustomCustom

* No refund or credit given for unredeemed treatments.

Please note, the displayed prices are estimates only. We advise that you set an appointment for initial consultation for us to assess the amount of ink in your tattoo(s), your skin type, and provide you with a treatment plan for you to make an informed decision moving forward. The assessment would also help determine how many treatment sessions will it take for you to achieve optimal results. You are welcome to Request an Online Quote for your tattoo removal at Next Level.