At the time of your complimentary consultation, we learn about you, your tattoo and confidential medical history. We identify your skin type and any issues that might affect your immune system.

We then evaluate the size, location, colours and ink density of your tattoo, this will then allow us to estimate how many sessions will be necessary to achieve either fading of your tattoo or complete removal.

Fading tattoos for a cover up can be achieved in 2 – 5 treatments, this is dependent on how light your tattooist needs the old tattoo to be. We work closely with many tattoo artists in Sydney to help achieve fantastic end results.

Professional tattoos can take anywhere from 5-12 treatments to remove, depending on various factors. Amateur tattoos are generally more easily removed with some able to be removed in just 1-2 treatments.

For busy people we also offer online and over the phone consultations. Contact Us now.


A tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on the body when pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin through ruptures in the skin’s top layer. These pigments of ink get stuck and are too large to be carried away.

Very short nanosecond bursts of light energy penetrate the skin into the dermis where the ink molecules absorb the laser energy and then shatter the ink into small particles. Once the ink has been broken down into smaller particles, the body’s immune system will go to work removing them and the tattoo will begin to fade.

During the laser treatment we will be cooling your skin to -35 degrees to help with discomfort and help eliminate thermal damage. A topical anesthetic cream can also be applied 30min prior to treatment. We can provide you with a cream which is very effective for the tattoo removal procedure.

We recommend that treatments be spaced an absolute minimum of 6 – 8 weeks apart to allow time for your body’s lymphatic system to remove the shattered particles of ink.